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November ’18 Monthly Recap | Bradley Moreau Title


In this month’s Bradley Moreau Title Monthly Recap, we remember November as the month that the Bird landed, you know, Bird Scooters; they landed… no? Our jokes may not be great, but these posts are pretty good! November gave us the answer to the question of what is taking over the old Hardee’s on Ambassador, as well as the news of a new, smoke-free bingo place on Johnston!

Please browse through some of the best posts for November to see if you may have missed out on some good news.

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Established in 2002 by siblings Timothy J. Bradley and Angie Bradley Moreau; Bradley, Moreau & Stagg and its affiliate Bradley Moreau Title is one of the largest and most experienced real estate law firms in Southwest Louisiana. With 8 attorneys, a full support staff, and offices in both Lafayette and Lake Charles their team is easily accessible and pride themselves on always being available to their clients. They offer a multitude of services including residential, commercial, short, and relocation sales. They also handle refinances, second mortgages, business formations, successions, wills, witness services, and notary closings. Their attorneys have over 160 years of combined experience and work diligently to ensure their clients’ experience is smart, simple, and stress-free. Bradley Moreau Title is known for making clients and coworkers feel like family and their office feel like “home”. Get to know them and check out their humorous videos on their Facebook page.

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