Local Business

Local Business

  • iCajun Phone Repair

    Because, everyone needs a repair done once in a while. iCajun Phone Repair is a new phone repair shop now

  • Artmosphere Gets Rebranded.

    Not all developments are new construction. Re-branding in a company can have a large impact on the development of a

  • Bread & Circus Provisions Raising Capital on Kickstarter.

    Ok, so in my spare time I like to browse a website/mobile app called Kickstarter. It is a company designed

  • The Boulevard Shopping Center due for a touch up?

    I work extremely close to the Boulevard Shopping Center located on Arnold Blvd. and the other day I noticed something

  • Agave Cantina – Parc Lafayette

    Now open, Agave Cantina in Parc Lafayette. These are photos of the location of Agave Cantina located at 1921 Kaliste

  • Acadiana Mall Renovation

    I’ve been living in Lafayette for a little over three years now. Before I moved here I would visit the

  • Black Pot Bus

    A new Food Truck has popped up called “Black Pot Bus” and looks as though they have officially opened October

  • Romacelli coming to Couret Farms

    Romacelli Bistro & Vino, a popular restaurant in the heart of River Ranch & Sugar Mill Pond will soon make

  • ExpressMed

    ExpressMED opened recently within the past couple of months and is located at 111 St. Louis Street, Lafayette. They are

  • Broaddus Burgers

    A new local business could potentially become a local favorite for burger connoisseur’s. Broaddus Burgers is nearing their expected opening