Food Truck

New Food Trucks!


Lafayette is known for several things. One thing for certain is food and ever since Lafayette Food Truck cherry was popped some odd years ago. We have seen a rise in new food trucks. This time is no different, but there is one that is stirring up more than sauce.

I’ll first mention a new truck that is coming soon called “Blanchard’s BBQ“. From the name I could only guess it will be some good BBQ. Lord willing it is good anyway. I browsed the only source of info for them, which is their facebook. I only found one photo of their logo and a statement that says, “Coming March 2014!”. Check out their facebook link at the bottom.

Now, for our next truck it has caused a bit of an up roar with the online community. The food truck called “The WOP Wagon“, which means “The Without Pizza Wagon”. Many Lafayette citizens have brought to my attention that the term “WOP” is offensive. The term derived hundreds of years ago when Italian immigrants came to america. Those Italians that didn’t have the proper paperwork were then labeled “WOP”, meaning “Without Papers”.

I personally, am not offended by it. I am also not Italian and besides I was uneducated on the term until recently. However, getting back to the food truck. The trucks owners are Italian or a least part. I don’t know the whole story. I just know that they have some yummy looking food! Lafayette has been waiting for a pizza truck and now we have it. If you can get beyond the name and just try the food you might be able to slip blinders on. That’s a joke of course. I still encourage you to at least politely give them a shot. After all, they are here in Lafayette and are local.

Here are their facebook pages like I promised.


Below is a photo of one of the WOP wagons signature dishes.


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