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Louisiana’s First Multi-point Self-serve Kayak Rental Kiosks Now Open In Lafayette, Louisiana


Wanderlust Rentals, Louisiana’s first multi-point self-service kayak rental system is now open in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Founded by two cousins, Reed Rudasill & Kristopher Guidry, Wanderlust Rentals has officially opened their flagship kayak rental kiosk, located at Vermilionville at 300 Fisher Road in Lafayette, LA. The company is founded on the mission to provide unique outdoor experiences for both locals and visitors who visit the region. For many, owning & packing a kayak is not practical, but many would still love an opportunity to experience the activity. Now, with this newly opened self-serve kiosk, many have access to the activity.

The Wanderlust Kiosk offers multiple options, including single-seater kayaks for 20/hr with a minimum of two hours to start and two-seater kayaks for 30/hr with a two-hour minimum. The process to rent a kayak is simple starting with downloading the ShareKayak app which will guide you through an account creation and waiver signing. Following the instructions provided at the kiosks, you’ll be able to unlock the desired kayak along with the necessary paddles and lifejackets. You’ll then head down to the water, load up on the kayak, and enjoy a peaceful paddle.

Below are photos and a video that we created to fully illustrate the process.

For more information, check out www.wrental.com.

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