Local Business

Local Business

  • Ready Fit Meals 3rd Lafayette Location

    These guys are just going everywhere! Ready Fit Meals now has a 3rd Lafayette location and there is no sign

  • D & G Western Decor & More

    D & G Western Decor & more located at 3302 Johnston st. opens for the first time January 6th. One

  • New Food Trucks!

    Lafayette is known for several things. One thing for certain is food and ever since Lafayette Food Truck cherry was

  • 2013 Year End Review

    This year has been crazy for Lafayette and our page. As most of you know, I created the facebook page

  • Settlers @ Steiner Progress

    I often like to post progress info and photos as developments move along. Settlers @ Steiner is nearing completion on

  • Franks Intl New Building Sneak Peek.

    I managed to get my hands on a sneak peek rendering photo of the new Franks Intl. Building. It is

  • Astra Modern Market

    Astra Modern Market is a unique place located on 200 A Jefferson Street Lafayette. They carry a handful of gift

  • The Crawfish Spot coming soon.

    Remember Counter Culture? Many of you probably have not heard of it. It was a new restaurant located next to

  • Southside Bank Updates

    The new Whitney Bank Tower & Bancorp Bank on Settlers Trace are both near complete. The Whitney Tower is on

  • Social visit.

    Social isn’t a “new” place, but new to me. About a week ago, celebrating Jack, my Web Designers birthday I