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Nunu’s Markets’ New Full-scale 36,000-square-foot Grocery Store Under Construction In Maurice, LA


Nunu’s Markets is constructing its largest store yet with a huge 36,000 square-foot full-scale market coming soon to the 9500 Block of Maurice Avenue in Maurice, Louisiana.

Replacing the original 5,000 square-foot Maurice store, the all-new Nunu’s Market in Maurice will feature a fully-stocked grocery department, a full meat market and butcher block, a deli, bakery, and a “top-notch” liquor department with a huge beer case. It will have everything! It will also have over 100 parking spots compared to the original’s 11 spots.

Provided Rendering

Aerial Photo of Construction

Founded in 1953, Nunu’s began in Milton, Louisiana at the Blue Room Lounge. Arthé Broussard, founder of Nunu’s Market and grandfather to the current generation of family owners ran the Blue Room Lounge as a well-known stop for retired guys in the afternoons. Many of these guys should have stopped at the grocery store before heading home but found themselves grabbing a little drinky-drank instead. As an entrepreneur, Arthé spotted a solution to a problem. He started stocking his lounge with “a little of this and that” for those guys to have something in-hand before heading home. True story! We didn’t make this up. Read more about the founding of Nunu’s on their website linked below.

Nunu’s Market has locations throughout the Acadiana area(mostly Lafayette Parish) with their first location in Milton, LA, along with subsequent locations in Maurice, Youngsville, and Scott, LA.

The new Nunu’s store in Maurice is expected to open in Early 2025 with a tentative date set between February & March.

For more information about the company, check out their website at

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