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Uncle Bob’s Roundup, A New Food Truck Park Coming Soon To Downtown Lafayette


A new food truck park, called Uncle Bob’s Roundup, is coming soon to 144 E Cypress Street & Lee Avenue, next door to Cypress Flats, in Downtown Lafayette.

See Cypress Flats:

Uncle Bob’s Roundup will host 5 food truck spaces(depending on size) and will feature full hookups, power, and water. Guests attending the food truck park will enjoy a large covered dining pavilion with seating, large air mover fans, and of course, restrooms.

Provided Renderings of Uncle Bob’s Roundup. See more renderings below!

Food trucks are having their biggest resurgence since the early 2010s. If this were the year 1994, that would be like the early 80s. Yeah, just let that sink in. But back then, pioneers like Viva La Waffle ran them streetz, paving the way for what we are seeing nowadays. Today, Viva La Waffle is a more polished concept with an actual physical store. But still, the lore of the food truck scene lingers in the air, due to the lower barrier of entry for those looking to get into the business. Now, in 2024, there are at least two dozen or more food trucks in and around the Lafayette area with about 3 food truck parks, with more on the way, in operation along with Food Truck Fridays at Moncus Park. There is also The Acadiana Beer Garden in Downtown Lafayette, formerly Wurst Biergarten, that hosts food trucks as well. So It’s safe to say the gig is back!

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There is also a new one that just opened in Opelousas, called The Back Yard.

Tentative completion dates for Uncle Bob’s Roundup are not confirmed. However, it’s not a huge undertaking and will most likely be completed by the end of the summer. Just in time for the cooler, more enjoyable months.

If you are a food truck owner and would like to find out more information, be on the lookout as construction nears completion for details on how to take part.

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