Local Renovation

Local Renovation

  • Drug Emporium Updates

    The Lafayette Drug Emporium located at 505 Bertrand Dr. behind Joey’s is being remodeled and made larger. I haven’t lived

  • Holy Family Apartment Renovations

    I don’t share much on residential properties unless it is a major property. However, this was brought to my attention…

  • Just For Feet Building Renovation Update

    I drove by the once “Just For Feet” Building the other day and found out that the building is practically

  • Grand Marche Shopping Center

    It was brought to my attention about a month ago that plans for a complete remodel for the Grand Marche

  • Just for feet shopping center update

    Here is an update on the just for feet location on Johnston St. I went by and grabbed a photo

  • Linebackers replacing Old Gallagher’s Cafe

    Old Gallagher’s Café on 405 E. University Ave will soon become Linebackers. Linebackers will offer sandwiches, burgers and even a

  • Teak’s Sports Bar & Grill

    Teak’s Sports Bar & Grill is open and they are located in the old La Seafood restaurant building at the

  • LGMC Progress

    Today in less fortunate circumstances I had the opportunity to see the LGMC add on from the 8th floor. So

  • Acadiana Mall update

    Acadiana Mall – We went walking through it this past weekend and noticed more work done then a previous visit.

  • Downtown landmark to get renovated.

    Downtown landmark about to get renovated in hopes to attract more artists in to the Acadiana area. https://www.klfy.com/story/22564146/housing-with-an-artistic-flare#.UbefCQbrJSk.facebook