Local Renovation

Linebackers replacing Old Gallagher’s Cafe


Old Gallagher’s Café on 405 E. University Ave will soon become Linebackers. Linebackers will offer sandwiches, burgers and even a buffet. Linebackers is owned by the same guys who own Zeus cafe, Agave and as well as Main Street Bar & Grill in River Ranch. Main Street Bar and Grill is good by the way :). The new place is looking at a Fall opening and will feature a UL Ragin Cajun themed design. Not like that wasnt apparent with it’s super bright UL Red roof plus being located on University across from UL. how could it not be UL themed? Linebackers will also offer coffee and free wifi for those who need a little study time between classes and whatever else you crazy kids do these days. ( acting like I am so old )

I don’t have a Facebook link or logo yet for it. Maybe soon… I would have personally had that going already! But hey that’s just me.