Local Renovation

Just For Feet Building Renovation Update


I drove by the once “Just For Feet” Building the other day and found out that the building is practically done. I was able to go park in the parking lot and take a couple of photos. The photos that I took are of MattressFIRM and The Vitamin Shoppe. The MattressFIRM’s new spot is now open… but what is next for the first location that is a turn away on Ambassador that JUST OPENED TOO!? Some say that it will close and the new Johnston St. location will be the main one. Then some say that they will both stay open I guess we shall see. The Vitamin Shoppe shouldn’t be too far from opening as they seemed to still be working on the store when I took the photos below. Like always, enjoy the updates!

Here is a past write up for the building of Just For Feet






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