Local Renovation

Grand Marche Shopping Center


It was brought to my attention about a month ago that plans for a complete remodel for the Grand Marche Shopping Center on Johnston could be in the works. If you’re wondering what shopping center this is it is the one with Gattitown and that wonderful car wash the Classic Auto Spa <- great place by the way. So now you probably have a good idea what I am talking about. Well, there is plans that have been drawn up for what could be a complete remodel of a large portion of the center. The center is set kinda far back with an over abundance of parking and virtually no one leasing out the majority of the spots. The plans shown below show the center moved closer to Johnston in such a way that would be more appealing in my non-developer opinion. I merely just see wasted space that if it were remodeled and more up to date with modernized cues more businesses would lease out. It's in a great spot on one of Lafayette's many busy intersections and should have no problem attracting customers. However, with its current state I don't see it moving much of Anything. In fact judging by the looks of things the most popular thing on that corner is the car wash, the seasonal Spirit Halloween store and dare I say it but the Gattitown is busier mainly on the weekends. So I would personally love to see it remodeled and some new added tenants. Perhaps some more food options as well (not like we are short of that) but hey can't hurt to have more. I have heard some info regarding the remodel proposal. As far as I know to date it is still in proposal stage until more info is given to me. 20130924-201837.jpg



It’s current state with plans overlayed.