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Panda Express is Open!


We drove by the new Panda Express Sunday at Costco(ATC) and saw that it had a Now Open sign out front. Sooo, I think that means they’re open. I stopped to grab a couple of photos for you guys, and the aromatic air surrounding the place was almost too much to resist. After just chowing down on Chuy’s literally 5 minutes before grabbing the pics, I almost became instantly hungry, again. 

Check out the pics below, and sorry, no one invited or paid me to advertise to you all with glorious food porn photos, so you’ll have to go yourself! I like free food guys!!! Hello. I’m not cheap, okay maybe a tad, but I like a little return on effort. 🙂

Oh, and Panera Bread 2 is/has been open as well. 

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