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Construction of New Opelousas Whataburger, Billy’s Boudin off I-49


Back in August of last year, we shared that Opelousas would be the next Acadiana-based city behind Breaux Bridge, LA to get a new Whataburger restaurant. The location for the new Whataburger was said to be constructed next door to the new Billy’s Boudin being constructed adjacent to the Lowe’s Home Improvement retailer.

Today, the construction for both the new Billy’s Boudin and Whataburger are in full swing. Honestly, it looks like Whataburger is kicking some whatabutt in terms of overall construction speed compared to the new Billy’s. But we aren’t really keeping tabs on that. We know the two aren’t alike. It was just worth pointing out.

Whataburger Rendering

Current Whataburger of Opelousas Construction

Most of you guys know what Whataburger is right? It’s the popular burger chain founded in Texas that has better fast food burgers than most of its competitors, including but not limited to Sonic, which used to have a great burger. I mean, it’s still good but, if you’re picking from the two, you’re going for the what-what.

For more details and renderings of how the new Whataburger will look like, see this August 2023 post:

Billy’s Boudin Rendering

Current Billy’s Boudin of Opelousas Construction

As for Billy’s Boudin, we shouldn’t have to explain it. However, we know that there may be some noobz to the Acadiana area and they may have no clue about the business. Founded in Krotz Springs, LA, Billy’s is one of the best stops(Not to be confused with the other specialty meats company “The Best Stop”) in the area for boudin, boudin balls, specialty meats, and a ton of other great products. The store is modeled exactly like the Pont des Mouton store, which features a convenience store and gas station.

For more on Billy’s Boudin in Opelousas, see our May 2022 post:

The tentative opening date for Whataburger is still aimed for last Summer to early Fall. However, judging by the progress, I think it’s safe to say that it’ll be open in late June or early July. As for Billy’s Boudin’s tentative opening date, we are going to keep our estimations set for the fall timeframe.

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