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Walk-On’s In Broussard Opens Soon, Yeah. (Inside Photos)


We have noticed a lot of action over the past few weeks at the new location for Walk-On’s in Broussard.

If you didn’t know, a new Walk-On’s is coming soon to Broussard in the former Santa Fe Cattle Co. at 110 Celebrity Drive. See previous post (here).

Passing by, you can see the new changes to the building that reflects the company’s brand. Slotted wood, tall square front with arched entrances, you know, any Walk-On’s outside of Lafayette. What you don’t see, yet, is the inside and what all is going on there. Lucky for you, we got to go inside and snap a few photos.

In the photos below, you’ll see lots of raw woodwork with some of the traits of the restaurant’s brand peeking through. You’ll also see some TVs & brackets where a total of 84 large TVs will hang inside of this place. We also learned that some select booths inside of the bar area will have self-serve beer taps. Is that even legal?! Haha. How does that even work? Is it pay by the hour? If so, yikes. We didn’t get to ask this question, can you tell? ? You’ll just have to go when they open to find out.

The new Walk-On’s in Broussard is tentatively set to open December 11th, so get ready, because that’s almost like tomorrow in dog years.

Be sure to like their Broussard Facebook page too! facebook.com/WalkOnsBroussard

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