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Tons of new Youngsville business


Okay Youngsville, it’s your time for a little attention. Lately, there has been a good bit of buzz in and around Youngsville. Some of that buzz is caused by the announcement that Ricky Meche’s Donut King is coming, other buzz is centered around the Metairie Centre at 1700 Chemin Metairie Pkwy. Over the past few weeks, businesses like CC’s Coffee House, Strut Apparel and Peking Garden have been posted about. I follow a lot of Facebook pages, and refreshing my feed is sometimes scary. However, with all of that I still see a good bit of Youngsville chatter. Seems like Mayor Ken Ritter knows how to bring in good growth; good job Ken. Below are some photos & info from mixed sources that show just a handful of new places heading to Youngsville’s direction. 

1. Strut Apparel

2. Peking Garden

3. Meche’s Donut King

4. All About You Boutique

5. Nail Couture

6. Comet Cleaners

7. CC’s Coffee House

8. Bead Busters & Float Rentals at 2034 Bonin Rd.
Photos courtesy of Metairie Centre facebook, Donnie L. & Sam Price.





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