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CC’s Coffee House is Coming to Youngsville’s Metairie Centre


If you read the title, you read correctly, CC’s Coffee House is heading to Youngsville’s Metairie Centre, building 5 at 1700 Chemin Metaire Pkwy. It’s Mochasippi time! There is another CC’s near Ambassador Extension, but it’s not “in” Youngsville, ya know. This is pretty exciting for all of you coffee junkies out there in the Y. Is it okay to call it the Y? Don’t answer that. With all of this talk about Youngsville, It is hard to resist getting in my car and driving through the place! If you’re wondering, I’ve never been inside of Youngsville; mainly because my normal routes to work and around town do not involve that part of Lafayette parish. However, I have great connections in the Y and I love seeing the growth. I hope the news of CC’s is exciting to you. if it is, then share it! 

Thanks to Nicole Higgins: Teal Realty and Development, Inc. for the photos. 


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