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The Scout Guide, A New Locally-owned Guide Highlighting Independent Businesses & Artisans Set To Launch In Acadiana


A new collectible guide to all things Acadiana, called The Scout Guide Lafayette dedicated to showcasing and supporting local small businesses, artisans, and entrepreneurs that make Acadiana unique is launching soon in our community.

Rooted in a mission to foster community support and celebration, The Scout Guide Lafayette is set to become an invaluable resource for both locals and visitors who are looking to experience the true locale throughout Acadiana.

Founded on the principles of promoting independent businesses and fostering a sense of connection within communities, The Scout Guide is renowned for its dedication to excellence and its commitment to highlighting the best of local culture. With a network spanning across the United States, The Scout Guide Lafayette joins its sister cities Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Houston, along with 90+ other locations nationwide.

The guide itself features a luxury design, and high-quality paper in an elegant format that gives The Scout Guide Lafayette a cherished keepsake feel while also serving as a practical resource for residents and visitors alike. Recipients tend to keep guides on hand for personal reference, placing them in guest rooms or passing them along to friends who are looking for a more local experience.

“We are excited to bring The Scout Guide to Acadiana,” said Jennifer Brewer, Co-Editor and Owner of The Scout Guide Lafayette. “Acadiana has a rich tapestry of local businesses and a deep-seated love for supporting our community. We are providing a platform that celebrates the uniqueness of our culture and the entrepreneurial spirit of our local businesses.”

The Scout Guide Lafayette will serve as a comprehensive city guide, featuring meticulously curated listings of local businesses, artisans, events, people, and more. From the cozy, quiet cafes to swamp tours and seasonings, readers can expect to discover hidden gems and beloved staples alike, all within its pages.

“We believe in the power of storytelling and the importance of preserving local culture,” said Krysten Ledet, Co-Editor and Owner of The Scout Guide Lafayette. “Through our publication, online presence, and in-person events, we aim to connect our readers with the stories behind the businesses and artisans that make Acadiana such a special place.”

The inaugural volume of The Scout Guide Lafayette will conclude an extensive scouting process through the summer and is set to launch in early December 2024.

To learn more about The Scout Guide Lafayette, visit and follow @tsglafayette on Instagram and on Facebook.

Want to meet the editors and learn more about the guide? You can attend their Sip + Scout event this Thursday, March 7th, 4-7pm at Pour in River Ranch.

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