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Moncus Park’s New Large Dog Park Complete, New Farmers Market Pavilion Progress


At the end of 2023, Moncus Park began construction on their new large dog park, called Best Friends Bark Park. Shortly following, the new farmers market pavilion entered into construction. Below are some details about each project.

Best Friends Bark Park Officially Complete:

Exclusively for large dog breeds, Best Friends Bark Park spans 34,500 square feet. The park allows permitted dogs to experience off-leash play in a space large enough to run and socialize. The park also includes a 1,000-square-foot elevated overlook for a panoramic view of the park.

See initial post with full details & renderings: https://developinglafayette.com/wp/new-large-breed-dog-park-coming-to-moncus-park/

Complementing the existing small dog park, the new large dog park also features a double-gated entry & exit system for safety, several waste locations with waste bags, and two water fountains with dog bowls. Funding for the project was privately raised through several donations and campaigns. Moncus Park remains a privately funded operation as a non-profit.

If you’d like to bring your dogs to any of the dog parks at Moncus Park you will need to secure a permit from their website, www.moncuspark.org/dogpark. If you’d rather not secure a permit, leased dogs are welcome park-wide aside from the gated dog parks.

Update on the new Farmers Market Pavilion:

Existing for over 10 years, the Lafayette Artisans & Farmers Market has operated 100% outdoors with over 140 small businesses and vendors enrolled. It’s a busy market on Saturday mornings! So when the weather is unfavorable, you could probably imagine the frustration it may cause for those vendors and the need for a roofed structure.

See initial post with all details & renderings: https://developinglafayette.com/wp/new-3000-square-foot-covered-farmers-market-pavilion-coming-soon-to-moncus-park/

Named after Paul A. Doerle Sr., a visionary in the food industry and community leader, the new 3,000-square-foot covered ADA-accessible farmers market pavilion will feature an open-air design with moving panels to enclose the space from the elements. Other features will include a Bosque tree courtyard, a rain garden, restrooms, and a back porch overlooking the front 50 acres of Moncus Park.

As mentioned with the dog parks, funding for the new market pavilion comes from private donors along with some support from state capital outlay programs.

The tentative completion date for the new farmers market pavilion is still aimed at late fall of 2024 or early spring of 2025.

For more information about all that is going on at Moncus Park, visit moncuspark.org.

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