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Swamp Dog Café, New Local Café Opening This Friday


The Swamp Dog Café a new locally owned café is opening Friday, March 1st, in the former Jammin’ Java space at 3366 Verot School Road Suite 100.

Inspired by the loyalty and charm of the Spencer family’s Golden Retriever, Stella, The Swamp Dog Café is committed to delivering outstanding food quality and customer service.

The new café serves up a diverse menu featuring coffee, pastries, and customizable breakfast and lunch options. Coffee lovers can enjoy classics like cappuccino and latté with flavors like vanilla and chocolate. Pastries include muffins, croissants, and cookies in various flavors. For breakfast, you can build your meal, and lunch offers sandwiches like the Turkey Call and salads like the Smokey Cow. They cater to different dietary needs with gluten-free options like the Swamp Muffin. With a variety of choices, the menu combines classics and creative blends to suit every taste. See menu image below.

“We were looking for a small spot to open a cafe for a while now. Something small and quaint for breakfast and lunch with a cup of coffee that didn’t require a bunch of ingredients or flavors to be delicious,” said Swamp Dog Café founders Jordan & Megan Spencer. “An opportunity became available next to The Refined Pantry, where we could cross-utilize the space we have so we jumped at the chance to create something amazing!”

The café’s mascot, Stella

Strategically located adjacent to their sister company, The Refined Pantry — a ready-made meals business — the café leverages shared space to craft a distinctive “Modern Bayou Chic” ambiance. This fusion of quaint and refined elements establishes an inviting backdrop for patrons seeking a memorable breakfast and lunch experience.

Adding an exclusive touch to the café experience, the Swamp Dog Café will offer the “Swamp Water Coffee Club.” For a nominal one-time fee of $20, members acquire a bespoke mug showcased on the cafe’s wall, reserved solely for their use. The offer allows members to have access to unlimited drip coffee during dine-in visits, with the mug becoming their possession upon cancellation of the membership.

Fun fact: the mugs were created by a local pottery business, Painted Bayou!

The Swamp Dog Café opens officially on Friday, March 1st, 2024.

Follow them at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61556355050588&mibextid=LQQJ4d. You can also check out their website at https://www.swampdogcafe.com/.

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