Rue de Belier & Duhon Roundabout and Widening


A proposed roundabout at Rue de Belier & Duhon Road, along with the widening of Duhon Road to Johnston, is planned for the not-so-distant future.

This is a great thing for this intersection, in my opinion, because it is often times a hassle to pull out onto Duhon from Rue de Belier safely. Sure, you could sit at the stop sign for 5 minutes waiting for every Tom, Dick, and Harry to fly down Duhon doing next to warp speed to pass. My favorite is when drivers use their blinker right as they get to the intersection, you know because signaling isn’t for other drivers or anything. Point being is that I love roundabouts, it gives all drivers a chance to safely pass through the intersection in a timely manner without the need to fear for their life—in most cases.

A rough timeline for completion, pending construction start time, is 2020-2025, but these dates could change.

Did you know that there is a psychology factor in how roundabouts are engineered? The next time you pass through a roundabout, take notice of how the center of the roundabout is higher in elevation and the outer portion is lower in elevation. This design suggests to the driver to go slower in the curve, versus Ricky Bobby-ing through it. See video below on how to use a roundabout, hehe.

Below is the full view of the project from the Rue de Belier intersection with Duhon Road through Johnston Street. All plans have been graciously provided by Mader Engineering here in Lafayette. Also, thanks to Liz Hebert, City-Parish Councilwoman for assisting in having these plans sent to us! 🙂

Other roundabouts in the works are:

Ridge & S. Fieldspan

Super -roundabout at E. Broussard & Kaliste Saloom

Plan images provided by Mader Engineering

Check out the below video on how to navigate a roundabout, especially the super-roundabout that is coming to E. Broussard & Kaliste Saloom.

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