“Super Roundabout” coming to Kaliste & E. Broussard


Big news for the intersection at Kaliste Saloom Road & East Broussard Road; a super roundabout is planned to start in early 2018. 

A “super roundabout”, in recent news going around town, is essentially a multi lane roundabout. In many cases, the inner lane is infinite, while the outer lane is the entrance and exit.

When I was younger, we lived closer to Alexandria, LA and we called the “roundabout” a traffic circle. However, the traffic circle in Alex is a behemoth compared to any roundabout in the Lafayette area. Such a circle would make the timid roundabout trafficker here shake in fear. Though, nothing compares to the more complex roundabouts throughout the world, see some (here).

Side note: When inside of a roundabout, DON’T STOP to let t-boy in. Just GOOOOOO!

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