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Principal’s List Preschools’ Third Location, Now Open, Enrolling


We had the opportunity to take a tour inside of the Principal’s List Preschools‘ third location, second for Youngsville, located at 104 Barbados Drive in Sugar Mill Pond.

Retired principal of Green T. Lindon Elementary, Mrs. Gina Cahee, is the owner & founder of the centers. She and her staff are friendly, loving, and filled with well-educated individuals in many areas of study.

The Principal’s List accepts infants on up to 12-year-olds, with a specialized curriculum for all ages of childhood development. On our tour, we even witnessed young kids learning chemistry. It was a hands-on project in which kids could better understand how different elements formed different substances. As a parent of an almost three-year-old, I was genuinely impressed with much of what I saw. Even the outdoor play area was designed with turf that would prevent their play area from getting muddy.

Each classroom, regardless of age, seemed to have a sense of respect for their teachers and all of the staff. When entering some of the rooms, the young children were so excited to see Mrs. Gina that they had to run to her with arms wide open, which is a good sign.

If you’re looking for a place to bring your children while you are working, check out the Principal’s List Preschools.

For more information see their website at principalslistpreschool.com. Or, find them on facebook at facebook.com/Principals-List-Preschool.

Below is our video of our tour…

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