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Our Lady of Lourdes’ Freestanding ER In Scott, LA | Progress May 2019


In October of 2018, we broke the news on Acadiana’s first—freestanding—Emergency Center to be built in Scott, LA’s Destination Pointe off of I-10.

It is now May 2019, the groundwork has already been completed and structural construction is underway on the new, freestanding Our Lady of Lourdes Emergency Center.

If you missed the post on this new development, no worries. Below is a link to the original post as well as some quick information.

Original post link

• 13,300 Square-foot, freestanding Emergency Center.

24/7 ER staffed with board-certified emergency physicians and clinical team members.

• $9 million community investment.

9-bed ER, ambulance drop-off, lab, and full imaging services like X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, etc.

North Lafayette Parish’s primary point for stabilizing patients.

Tentative completion date set for Summer 2019.

Aerial shot of OLOL F-ER. Photo property of Developing Lafayette.Aerial shot of OLOL F-ER. Photo property of Developing Lafayette.

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