New Johnston Street Burger King Progress


The new Burger King, located at 5301 Johnston Street, is coming along as construction continues daily.

In the photos below, you can see how the building is taking shape and ultimately how it will appear situated on this portion of Johnston Street.

I know I’ve mentioned this before in our last Burger King posts, but I will say it again, this is probably the 3rd new Burger King that I have ever witnessed being constructed. I’ve seen more BK restaurants that have closed or have been demolished than I have seen newly built. Perhaps Burger King is trying to get their stuff together. Meanwhile, McDonald’s continues to lay the smackdown on the King himself. Though, some of Burger King’s most recent marketing pushes have really targeted McDonald’s. One example is when Burger King launched mobile ordering via their app and allowed you to buy a Whopper® at McDonald’s for 1 cent. Yeah, how savage was that?!

Rivalry aside, the flame-broiled burgers at BK are occasionally a treat as I tend to prefer that method of cooking versus a flat griddle.

When should BK be completed? We estimate that it will be completed by the end of June, maybe mid-July.

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