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New Doggie Daycare, Paws & Paw Paws is Now Open


The new doggie daycare & boarding facility, Paws & Paw Paws, is now open at 930 Robley Drive behind Lowes. 

Paws & Paw Paws provides daycare & boarding services for your doggies that includes both luxury and standard accommodations. Luxury rooms come with an elevated bed, doggie mate and a doggie TV. While the Standard rooms come with the basics, like a bed and food & water. Paws also offers grooming services, a doggie birthday party room, and retail products for that ‘gotta have it’ moment. 

One of the special things about Paws & Paw Paws is that they provide volunteer time for the elderly, retired & senior citizens to play with the lovable pups. This volunteer time is fun, improves life longevity, and relieves stress. We could use a little less stress, lawd! 

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Boarding rates:
Luxury: $54/Per night
Standard: $39/Per night

Daycare rates:
Full time: $25
Part time: $15

For more info check out their Facebook page: facebook.com/pawsandpawpaws

Lobby & retail.

Luxury rooms.

Inside the luxury room.

Standard rooms.

Grooming. Another table will be added.

Birthday party room.

Indoor play yard.

Outdoor play yards with both Luxury & Standard yards.

Walking track for both doggies and volunteers.

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