Local Renovation

Facade Construction At Former Winn-Dixie In The Caffery Center On Ambassador Caffery


There is a fair amount of construction happening in the Caffery Center, located at 4510 Ambassador, at the former Winn-Dixie.

Last year, we shared information that Club 4 Fitness was going to be taking a portion of the former grocery space to build. And it appears that construction for Club 4 Fitness has started. In the photos, you can see that facade work is happening and that a partition wall is in place on the inside of the building. See our initial post about Club 4 Fitness (here).

A quick records scan didn’t reveal anything noteworthy, but we are pretty sure this is Club 4 Fitness construction. If not, then pi on our face, amirite? Get it, pi(π) day?!

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