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Cox and LGH Partner To Advance New Technology Innovations Within The Dynamic Healthcare Space


Our sponsor, Cox, and Lafayette General Health System (LGH) have announced a partnership that will aid in innovating new technology to meet the demands of a rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

This initial collaboration is said to be the first step in a multi-year effort to develop new solutions that help improve hospital operations, patient experiences, and move more healthcare to the home. Future initiatives may include deploying and testing additional telemedicine, digital health, and patient monitoring solutions, in partnership with Cox’s New Growth and Development organization and Lafayette General Health’s Innovation Fund.

The collaboration will allow for joint product and service creation through the combined efforts of both organizations. “We’ve always been impressed with the amount of innovation coming out of LGH, and we’re thrilled to partner with them on this new initiative,” explained Leigh King, Cox Business Louisiana vice president. Lafayette General Health will serve as a sandbox beta site to test and improve novel healthcare solutions to be used at LGH and other healthcare systems around the country.

“Restoring, maintaining and improving health in the people and communities we serve is at the core of everything we do. Partnering with Cox on this initiative to enhance our operations further underscores this mission,” said Mike Dozier, chief information officer, Lafayette General Health. “Cox is spearheading the call to transform healthcare, and we’re proud to align with them to future-proof our organization.”

“Health systems are operating in a difficult environment and are looking for innovative partners with new ideas, technologies, and approaches,” said George Valentine, executive director, new growth & development, Cox Communications. “We are excited to work with LGH to make the experience of healthcare easy, effective, and personalized by improving the connection between people and their care provider.”

Cox’s southeast region senior vice president and region manager Anthony Pope said, “We’re always excited to partner with innovators, and LGH is a shining example of innovation in Acadiana. During your average day at the clinic or in the midst of a pandemic, they continue to find ways to leverage technology to create healthy communities and improve patient outcomes. We salute their work.”

Lafayette General Health and Cox Communications’ relationship is well-established and has grown positively throughout the years. Recently, for example, Cox provided all Southwest Louisiana residents with a specific video-on-demand channel that included local telemedicine options, including Health Anywhere, information from LGH, all news programs and sources related to COVID-19, newest updates from the Centers for Disease Control, the newest updates from the World Health Organization and live and previously recorded programming regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic. Additionally, LGH and Cox Business’ Trapollo telehealth unit have submitted multiple telemedicine and telehealth grant applications. “More and more, the provision of healthcare occurs outside the walls of the hospital and doctor’s office. Having the ability to reach our patients in their homes and via the device/technology platform they choose will be essential. Through our partnership with Cox, we will be able to focus on the patient, providing them the right care, at the right time and the right place. We look forward to building upon our prior work with Cox to innovate the care we provide to our patients. Truly, the future of healthcare is bright when two partners like Lafayette General Health and Cox come together to navigate and create the future,” explained Cian Robinson, executive director of research, innovation, and real estate investments for LGH.

For more information on the Cox Communications and LGH smart hospital, visit https://coxbusiness.com/healthcare or https://www.lafayettegeneral.com/healthcare-innovation-fund.

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