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Copeland’s is Returning with a Smaller Gourmet Concept


Late in 2016, Copeland’s of Lafayette closed nearly at the drop of a hat, but left a small we will be back soon note for us to sit on. 

Well, it looks like the return of Copeland’s is happening and it is going down at 2668 Johnston St. Suite A2, next door to Albertson’s and Quizno’s.

The new concept is respectfully called Copeland’s Gourmet Kitchen & Takeout. The new smaller concept will be much smaller, say roughly 60% smaller if we had to guess. However, even though it will be smaller, you should still be able to purchase certain menu favorites as well as the cheesecake, according to the “word on the street”… *face palm*. As if we couldn’t be any cheesier. 

Thanks for the tips Bob and Traci. Also, thanks to SP Agent Charles for extra location info.

Photo courtesy of nola.eater.com

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