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Completed Tesla Superchargers At I-10 & Louisiana Ave


In October of 2019, we posted that construction had started on Lafayette’s first Tesla Supercharger station. See that post here.

Recently, we stopped by to get us some Jesus chicken (Chick Fil A) and spotted that the Tesla Superchargers have been completed!

Now, we do not own a Tesla or an electric vehicle, yet. So we are posting this in excitement for just having these available for Tesla drivers passing through or perhaps working in the area.

There are already Supercharger stations in Lake Charles, Alexandria—Alexandria!, Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Lafayette was behind the trail a bit, but we are now on par. See the link for more locations.

Below is some frequently requested information:

  • Tesla Supercharger powered by Lafayette Utility System (LUS).
  • Will be open 24/7.
  • Superchargers are free through Tesla for early Tesla owners (Tech Crunch). However, Tesla may offer free charging perks periodically, but for many it may cost about $0.28 per kWh (Tesla).

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