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I-10/LA Ave. Tesla Supercharger Station Construction


In May this year, we posted that a proposed Tesla Supercharger station was planned for the Stirling Center at I-10 & Louisiana Avenue.

We have good news for traveling Tesla owners! Construction for Acadiana’s first Tesla-branded Supercharger is now underway in front of Petco/Office Depot/ULTA, with a short walk to Chick-Fil-A, Targét, and other well-known businesses.

According to public documentation, a total of 8 Tesla Supercharger stations are being installed. Although the documents do not provide power ratings, all of Louisiana’s other stations are rated for 150 kW, which is a Supercharger. — See https://supercharge.info/map for reference data.

***Requested facts:

  • Tesla Supercharger powered by Lafayette Utility System (LUS).
  • Will be open 24/7.
  • Superchargers are free through Tesla for early Tesla owners (Tech Crunch). However, Tesla may offer free charging perks periodically, but for many it may cost about $0.28 per kWh (Tesla).
  • Tesla Vehicles aren’t just attractive for “Tree Huggers” or those wanting to go green. Some automotive enthusiasts actually enjoy driving them for fun. They are pretty friggin’ fast.
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Construction has just begun and could potentially take about 1.5-2 months to complete.

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