Church’s Chicken On Congress | Progress Update


The new Church’s Chicken at 4154 W Congress has made quite a bit of progress since our first post in February of this year.

Our post was apparently pretty popular, and we still have many asking about the location. Shoot, Church’s Chicken’s facebook page even gave our post a Like.

So here is the update. The building appears to be about 75% complete. That’s not at all a scientific number but, it seems to be about that much completed. Typically at this stage in construction things start moving fast like, fast food fast. One minute they’re pouring cement, and the next, they’re pouring oil into the fryers. Ever heard of the term Dirty Bird? If you’ve ever been in a restaurant kitchen, then you may have heard of the term. It is simply taking a sauceless chicken breast, fried or grilled, and saucin’ it up.

Speaking of chicken, check out our post about KFC coming back to Lafayette.

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