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Bayou Vermilion District(BVD) Water Testing Lab & Exhibition Center Progress Update


Back in June, we shared information about the new Bayou Vermilion District(BVD) Water Testing Lab & Exhibition Center coming soon near the historical Vermilionville property at 330 Fisher Road.

The project, nearing completion, is a 4,000 square-foot wood-framed facility, designed under the historical context of Vermilionville and will serve two purposes. Its first purpose is for testing water from local waterways, ponds, and the Vermilion River to identify impediments. Its second is to serve as a public water-themed exhibit for locals to become informed about the issues facing the bayou and to be educated about its eco-system.

As stated in our prior post, the main goal for the new BVD Test Lab & Exhibition is to upgrade the bayou’s classification from approved for secondary contact—good for fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and boating—to approved for primary contact, which means it is safe for swimming, according to Bayou Vermilion District’s CEO, David Cheramie, Ph.D.

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