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More Developments

  • Local Renovation

    Acadiana Mall update

    Acadiana Mall – We went walking through it this past weekend and noticed more work...

  • ON AIR

    The DL concept

    The DL concept started as a result of not knowing and wanting to know what...

  • Social Events

    A Taste of Lafayette

    I first want to thank Lafayette Food Junkie for her kindness in giving my...

  • Local Business

    The Palmetto Club

    This place must have been under the radar – The Palmetto Club located in the...

  • ON AIR

    Katie Bakes on Food Network

    Katie Bakes of River Ranch will be competing on Cupcake Wars on the Food Network...

  • Retail Store

    Optimism Reigns – Abiz

    Here is an article from stating the best is yet to come. The article...

  • Retail Store

    ULTA & Cato progress

    The Louisiana Avenue area near the I-10 corridor is always growing and expanding. Here is...

  • Local Expansion

    Agave Cantina Banner

    I recently posted about Agave Cantina expanding to Parc Lafayette. Here is a photo posted...