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Mabuhay – Philippino Cuisine


Mabuhay is a new Philipino restaurant located at 3366 Verot School Rd. in the Verot Village Shopping Strip. It is more of a call ahead take out restaurant and the food is delicious. It is prepared as you would expect… Fresh. They have an assortment of things to try from traditional Philipino to burgers with a Philipino spin (Word going around is that the burgers are awesome). So if you are looking for a new lunch spot and can make it to the location without traveling through a million lights. Then this is a must try.

We had a chance to try yesterday evening after work and we only wish it was not out of our way. 🙂 but it is worth going out of our way in my opinion.

Like their Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mabuhay-Cuisine-of-the-Philippine-Islands/554575531226533

If you go, let them know you heard about it from me! 🙂 if you would like to know what we eat from there it was the Mabuhay Supreme. Photos of the some of some of the dish is below.