Shopping Center

Winnwood Shopping Center Updates


Winnwood shopping center on Johnston St has been under major renovations for some time now. Most of the work is complete except for a couple parts. Aveda Institute seems to be the last part of the overall Winnwood Remodel but what about Mel’s Diner? I am sure there is a reason that they are waiting for the Mel’s update. Perhaps it is a bigger undertaking not sure.

Some have noticed that the Bullritos sign for coming soon has been taken down. I checked on that with the property leasers agent and Bullritos is still in progress for opening in Winnwood. Minute Med has finished installing their outside sign but I only was able to get photos of the install progress not the actual finished sign. The finished sign is nice though whoever made it.

Back to Mel’s Diner though. I am really wanting to see that started… Not sure about anyone else but the place needs a little updating. I have only been to that Mel’s a handful of times and each time I think yea it would look nice updated. If you are wondering, I do that at almost any place I go. I rate businesses in my mind which I am sure most of us do… Right? If not then oh well… I DO! Haha. Anyway, check out the links and pics and keep your eyes peeled for the Mel’s start.









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