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Wags & Whiskers, A New Veterinary Hospital In Downtown Carencro


A new Veterinary Hospital in Downtown Carencro, called Wags & Whiskers, recently opened at 204 E St Peter Street, Suite B.

They are a young, energized group with a combined experience of eleven years in the veterinary industry within Lafayette Parish. Their clinic is a clean space with a more modern approach to the typical vet clinic for which many are familiar.

Dr. Liz Waguespack grew up on a local farm alongside horses, cows, ducks, rabbits, dogs, and cats. So her love for animals runs well into her childhood. Dr. Liz and her husband also keep horses, a dairy cow, and several chickens on their own farm.

Dr. Liz holds a special interest in Eastern medicine, which she began pursuing in 2011 after witnessing a patient regain full walking ability after just one acupuncture treatment. Dr. Liz is now certified in veterinary acupuncture and in food therapy. Her next planned certification will be in herbal medicine.

Dr. Molly Waltman was first inspired to care for animals while watching the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. Honestly, watching that man work with animals was a special sight to witness. So for Dr. Molly to feel led to care for animals after watching him is no surprise. I wonder if Dr. Molly says ‘crikey’ while working on patients? I would.

Medically, Dr. Waltman enjoys ultrasound work because of the unique perspective it can offer on a pet’s health.

To read more about these lovely ladies, their supportive husbands, and their practice—visit their website at

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