The Wurst Biergarten, Period. Ever. of All Time…No?


My title is a little odd, I tried to be creative, but you see how that went. It’s called The Wurst Biergarten, and it will soon be located at 537 Jefferson Street in Downtown Lafayette, on side of the parking garage on East Vermillion. A beer garden, or Biergarten, is typically an outdoor space that offers a unique atmosphere with local food, drinks, entertainment & of course, beer. The Biergarten is a German concept that originated in Munich and has been around since the 19th century. This spot in Downtown was previously proposed to be a mixed use building, but of course, I can not find the post; it has been that long since posting about this location. However, this is much cooler in my opinion, and it’s designed to be family friendly as well. 

Below are some renderings from The Wurst facebook and some photos I took myself. 


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