Local Expansion

The Pink Shrimp Boutique Relocated For Larger Space


A local Broussard boutique, called The Pink Shrimp, just relocated to a larger space at 201 Albertsons Parkway, formerly located at 805 E. Main St.

The Pink Shrimp is a creative little boutique where they customize many items with embroidery or vinyl graphics. Some popular items they customize are insulated drink cups, kids backpacks, clothing, kitchen or bathroom towels, tempered glass cutting boards and tons more. They also sell other unique products as well.

They were supposed to open December 1st, but the move happened much quicker than expected, and now they are rockin’.

Never heard of them? Check them out at facebook.com/ThePinkShrimpBoutique

Fun fact: They don’t sell Shrimp or food of any kind. The owner is just a small person, sometimes referred to as a Shrimp. ?

The shopping center where the boutique is now located.

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