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The Hangar, Jet Coffee’s New State-of-the-art Roasting Facility Coming Soon


Jet Coffee, a well-known and growing local coffee brand founded in Lafayette, Louisiana is expanding their flagship location in the former LSA space at 101 Camino Real Road to include a new 1,000-square-foot state-of-the-art roasting facility called The Hangar.


/ˈhaNGər/ – noun: hangar

• a large building with an extensive floor area, typically for housing aircraft.

The Hangar, appropriately named due to the correlation of the company’s name “Jet”, will become Jet Coffee’s official roasting facility for the brand and all of its shop locations. The new roasting facility will feature two roasting machines, a smaller 5k for small batches and a larger 30k for wholesale capacity. The Hangar will also feature a small coffee bar outfitted with an espresso machine that will be used to offer guests who love coffee another layer of coffee experience that will allow guests to get a deeper understanding of the coffee, its unique flavor profiles, and its origins. Guests will also be able to enjoy flights of single-origin pour-overs as well as latte art events.

Some other notable features of The Hangar include warm wood finishes, coffee origin art, and large high-end sliding windows separating the coffee shop and the roasting facility. These windows closely resemble the large airplane hangar doors that slide open revealing the marvel that is modern-day jets. A lot can be said in regards to the symbolism that is Jet Coffee, their new Hangar roasting facility, and the world of aviation and how complex and precise each is in relation to each other.

Photo to illustrate “The Hangar” sliding window setup. Source photo by wellbiltdoors.com

Jet Coffee is the dream of John Tommasini, a local entrepreneur with a deep love of coffee and an even deeper love of people. Jet’s customer service is by far one of the best in the area as the company’s primary focus is ensuring that you love your coffee. They are also pretty fast, almost as fast as a Jet some would say.

Markings to show layout

During our visit to the coming soon roasting facility, Tommasini told us that it really did start with a dream, as mentioned above. Every step of the company thus far has been in some way a part of a dream he has had to move the company forward in ways for which he doesn’t accept credit.

The Hangar is tentatively set to open next year around the month of February.

You can follow Jet Coffee on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jetcoffee?mibextid=kFxxJD and on IG at https://instagram.com/jetcoffee?igshid=MTk0NTkyODZkYg==. You can also visit their website at jetcoffee.com.

The Hangar Rendering, provided by David Nelson at Manual Commercial

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