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The Cajun Hatter, Colby Hébert, Is Relocating His New Orleans-based Studio To Downtown Lafayette


Hat designer, Colby Hébert, is relocating his New Orleans-based studio, The Cajun Hatter, to Downtown Lafayette at 547 Jefferson Street, next to the Wurst Biergarten.

The inspiration behind The Cajun Hatter is deeply rooted in the culture of the Cajun people, French men & women who were exiled out of Nova Scotia by the British in 1755. Their perseverance, resourcefulness, and joy for life are what defines The Cajun Hatters brand. Through his works, Colby Hébert is preserving the history of the Cajun people, utilizing local resources, and telling a story of his ancestors, one hat at a time.

Having a strong passion for preserving the charm of Cajun culture, Colby “The Cajun Hatter” Hébert, feels a draw to relocate to Lafayette. “I’ve done a lot for creating awareness of the Cajun culture out in Nola, it’s time for me to contribute in a more direct way.”, says Colby when referring to his work and one reason for moving. He also says that “my wife and I had our firstborn son, and he needs to be raised within his culture, just as we were.”

New Iberia, where they are from, is the original hometown for The Cajun Hatter; they were open for over a year there, and three years in NOLA. Colby says that “Lafayette seemed like the only appropriate decision for a business like mine back in Acadiana. We’re extremely excited.”

A tentative opening date for The Cajun Hatter is set for late October.

For more about The Cajun Hatter, Colby Hébert, visit their Facebook page at You can also visit their website at

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