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Super 1 Foods In Youngsville Is Opening Tomorrow


The day has finally come for those in the Youngsville/Southside Lafayette area. Super 1 Foods is opening tomorrow, Wednesday the 15th.

If you didn’t know about the new Super 1 Foods at 1500 Bonin Road, then you must have an awesome rock that you live under.

The store parking lot today still looks like a construction site with tons of cars, landscapers, dirt, workers, and more dirt. However, they are working their butts off to get this new store open by 6am. They are having a ribbon cutting at 10am and special guest, John Godwin, with A&E’s Duck Dynasty will be signing autographs from 11am – 1pm.

A few things that Super 1 Foods highlights about themselves are:

  • The ‘Wall of Value’, which is placed right as you walk in with sales not advertised.
  • Fresh locally sourced produce from local vendors.
  • Speciality Meat Market with local favorites.

Check out some of the photos that we took today, below.

Those gas prices though!Haha, they will change, don’t worry.

Inside Youngsville Super 1 Foods. Photos courtesy of Bryan Olson.

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