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Subdivisions are popping up everywhere!


Lately, I feel like there has been more & more sightings and tips of new subdivisions coming up. I typically don’t share many subdivisions, but I feel like I need to at least acknowledge them. For example, a contributor by the name of Les, has been on the prowl and has clued me in on a couple of areas of interest. One of the subdivisions he sent me is located at 2902 Kaliste Saloom going towards East Broussard. The name of it is Ashely Crossing and below are the photos of where it will be.20140619-195504-71704197.jpg

keep scrolling…20140619-195506-71706820.jpg


keep scrolling…20140619-195505-71705762.jpg

But wait, there’s more! On Johnston Street behind Advancial Credit Union, there seems to be some dirt work starting. My good friend Les, has also informed me that it to will be a new subdivision. However, I do not know what the name of it is, but it just goes to show you that you can fit people anywhere. Below are some photos of some of the work at that location. Here is one more for the road, Located around 733 E. Broussard Rd., according to word of mouth, is another sub’ called Grand Point. Okay, I am done with subs for now. There are plenty more, but you will have to catch them on another day. Good day!20140619-202103-73263972.jpg



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