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Sneak Peek Inside of the Fiery Crab Seafood Restaurant


The Fiery Crab Seafood restaurant, located at 2330 Kaliste Saloom — formerly Hai Ham Buffet — is about two weeks away from opening their doors. There is still outside renovations happening, and a few inside things that are finishing up, but we have a few shots of the inside to share!

The building is huge for a restaurant. When it was Hai Nam, there was ample seating, but was it always full? The Fiery Crab is only using a portion of the building as the restaurant — leaving the rest of the building as storage space. This helps make the dining room feel more warm and cozy. There is also a boat-styled dining space that actually looks like a real boat — just without the water, and all of the inside components that makes a boat — a boat. The bar looks pretty cool as well, very well lit.

So is the Fiery Crab a buffet? No! It is a legit sit-down restaurant with table service where you order off of a specifically designed menu.

Their offerings are a diverse range of Juicy Seafood including Shrimp, Oysters, Lobster, Blue Crab, Snow Crab, King Crab, Crawfish, and Clams. The Fiery Crab encourages you to come in, and get your hands messy with their delicious blends of spices & seasonings at the most uniquely seasoned seafood restaurant in Lafayette.

They are hiring Bartenders, Servers, and Hostess positions. See their facebook page at facebook.com/fierycrab.

Their slogan: Seafood Never Tasted So Good!!

See all of the inside photos below —

[URIS id=15546]

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