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Shawarma Guys, A Local Greek Restaurant, Expanding Into Carencro


A New Iberia-based Greek restaurant, called Shawarma Guys, is expanding to Carencro’s newest center near Super 1 Foods, located at 3910 NE Evangeline Thruway(I-49).

Shawarma Guys, originally located at 911 S. Lewis Street in New Iberia, will open their second restaurant location in the same mini-center in which the new Dickey’s Barbecue will be located. Dickey’s still has a few weeks or so before opening, but their signage is up.

The menu at Shawarma Guys may seem familiar to those who love Greek/Middle Eastern cuisine. They offer Chicken Shawarma, gyros, falafel, spicy chicken, shrimp, along with kids options, vegetarian options, and a variety of other menu options like soups & appetizers. Shawarma, if you didn’t already know, stands for roasted meat. If you’ve ever seen those vertical rotisserie machines, then that should ring a bell for most. The meat is shaved off of the spinning rotisserie and typically made into a sandwich. But many enjoy the roasted meats in salad form as well.

The tentative opening date for Shawarma Guys in Carencro is set for July 2019.

Below are photos courtesy of their Facebook page, facebook.com/Shawarma-Guys-new-Iberia.

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