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Sears Home & Life Coming Soon In Former World Market Space


UPDATE: See tweet posts below for Sears’ new concept info. Thanks Thomas!

The Sears brand lives on with a new Sears Home & Life store coming soon in the former World Market space near Super Target at 4403 Ambassador Caffery.

The new Sears Home & Life isn’t something that is easily Google-able at the moment. As a graphic designer, I thought, let me check Google images to see if a logo exist; my search came back void. The best we have for you is that it could be something similar to Sears Homelife, essentially the same name, but this new Sears store has the “&” symbol in between Home and Life.

My guess is that we should expect something much like the At Home Stores. Once we find out more, we will update this post.

Sears Outlet did recently open a new store in North Lafayette. See that post (here).

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