Downtown Lafayette

Salvadoran Restaurant, Pupuseria Usuluteca #2, Coming To Downtown Lafayette


A new restaurant is coming soon to Downtown Lafayette that will serve up fresh, traditional Salvadoran cuisine. It’s called Pupuseria Usuluteca #2 and it will be located in the former Pho Tastic, located at 431 Jefferson Street.

We tried to find any available information online for this particular location since there is a #2, one would guess another location exist somewhere.

A menu posted on the window (see below), provides some insight into what one could expect from Pupuseria. In fact, the name “Pupuseria” is a dead giveaway as to the main dish served. A Pupusa, El Salvador’s most notable dish, is a thick handmade corn flour or rice flour flatbread that is stuffed with cheese, chicharrón (cooked meat ground to paste consistency), refried beans or loroco (a vine flower bud native to Central America) — according to Wikipedia. Sounds pretty friggin’ tasty to me! I like cheese and meat and stuff, stuffed into carbs, just sayin’.

Other signs on the windows say opening soon, so there is that bit of information. The restaurant is pretty much already there to start operations, but it most likely needed to be cleaned and what not.

Be on the lookout for this place to, well, open soon.

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