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Purrfect Gifts


Purrfect Gifts – located on Johnston St. Next to La Pagua Mexican Restaurant and the Music Center in the Time Plaza shopping center. They aren’t open yet but looks like they are aiming for an October 1st, 2013 opening date. The name Purrrrrrrrfect Gifts is kind of cray cray don’t you think? Then again, perfect isn’t “purrfect” so I guess it works. They look like a neat place to get gifts judging by the Facebook. It almost reminds me of Caroline & Company near to Brothers. Not to compare but just to give my own first thoughts. Perhaps, you may think otherwise.

Judge for yourself like there Facebook below.

View another store that just opened in the same shopping center – Louisiana Tailgate Authority – https://developinglafayette.com/louisiana-tailgate-authority/



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