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Phares restaurant is going Farm to Table.


Phares restuarant, located on Ambassador near the Johnston Street intersection is changing. How are they changing? Many may know Phares for the Oysters and that’s it, but not anymore. Phares is ditching the Oysters. That’s right, they are going farm to table with locally grown and raised products from our local farmers. They also have a new Chef, Head Chef Patrick Waters and along with him Chef Zach Doise from LA Street Food. These two men are changing things up at Phares in a good way. We had a chance to sample some of the dishes tonight and we were pleased. One of the dishes was a Chorizo and Butternut Squash flatbread, it was really yummy. Another sample dish was the BLT, but this isn’t your grandmothers BLT. You won’t find iceberg lettuce or microwaved bacon here, instead you’ll find a fried green tomato, a slice of Guanciale Bacon(Pork Cheek), topped with Micro Arugula and Garlic Aioli. It surely was an interesting take on the classic BLT to say the least. Moving on, the drinks at Phares are also being changed. Perhaps, not all of them, but differently some new contenders in the mix. We don’t really drink, but I tasted the Satsuma Fizz and it had a nice Satsuma flavor. All in all, everything looks promising. I think they are going in the right direction with the new concept and will surely bring in a new crowd.

They officially reopen for service tomorrow, Friday August 1st with their full menu.

Thanks goes out to Tiffany D.(Lafayette Food Junkie) for putting the word out to get me there. Also, thanks Stuart Hebert, Chef Zach Doise & Chef Patrick Waters for explaining a lot of things to me about the new concept and menu. Good luck guys, You won’t need it.










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