Local Expansion

Parish Ink’s New Lafayette Location


A super-duper popular business, Parish Ink, will soon start on their third Lafayette location and it will be located at 6772 Johnston Street & W. Broussard Rd. in Suite 300. It will be next door neighbors with Legends and close by to Headkicks. The tentative opening date set for this location is September, or so. 

Parish Ink was established in 2010 as a team effort to produce culturally rich apparel reflecting the very nuances of Acadiana. Parish Ink has grown from the artsy Downtown store into upscale River Ranch, the eclectic New Orleans market and now this new location that is seated comfortably in part of Lafayette’s budding growth zones. 

If I had to predict Parish Ink‘s next move, I would have to say Lake Charles, but those are my thoughts and zero info on that has been provided. 

Popular shirts by Parish Ink

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