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Parish Ink – 2nd Location Opening Soon!


Parish Ink is a popular apparel store that has been located in the downtown Lafayette area since late 2010. They offer some very unique accessories and clothing items that I am sure many of you have seen. You’re probably wearing something from them as you read this. Well, Parish Ink is now opening up a new location on Main Street in River Ranch. The address is 201 Settlers Trace Suite 2020 Lafayette, LA on Main Street in River Ranch behind Maven’s Women’s wear. They plan to open the doors to the new spot Monday October 21st, 2013 so check them out when you get a chance if you never have.

Also one of the designs shown below was seen on the Food Network. Katie Bakes wore the state boot design during their appearance on Cupcake Wars.

Their facebook is https://www.facebook.com/parishink

Their Website is https://parishink.com





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